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About DNfG

Hi. I’m Dominic, founder of DNfG.
2 years ago I moved to Colombia whilst working remotely for a company in the UK. I took my UK salary in my UK bank account, paying taxes in the UK, whilst living in Bogotá. I
became what is called a Digital Nomad.
I joined a global community of around 35 million people. This number is growing all the time, and over 58 countries now welcome us, offering visas specifically for those seeking this way of life.
During my time working remotely, I have seen the impact we have on the cities we live in. Whilst the lifestyle allows us to explore the world and experience the best it can offer, digital nomads are facing increased criticism: Perceived to be the cause of the rising cost of living and gentrification, many locals feel disenfranchised by their new neighbours.
Who do we work with?
Currently we are partnered with a number of charities in Medellín. They range from organisations feeding 300 children every day in the most impoverished parts of the city, to orphanages for young girls at risk of trafficking and care homes for children with cancer; from shelters for street dogs and cats, to emergency food provision, to investing in nutritional education and business skills; from soup kitchens, to scholarship programs.
What will we do with the money?
Our costs are minimal: I need to pay our staff working in Colombia alongside our charity partners; the platform needs to be maintained; and we need to fund our engagement with the nomad community through marketing. That’s all.
Every donation, no matter how small, helps us to help those who help the most vulnerable.


Dominic Swabey


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Chief Administrator Officer

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Country Head – Colombia


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