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  • Medellín
Casa de la Chinca

Casa de la Chinca provides a sanctuary and schooling for 50 young women and girls who have faced abuse or trafficking in unsafe home environments, allowing them to heal, thrive, learn and go on to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Corporación Esperanza de María Rosa Mística

The María Rosa Mística Esperanza Corporation provides cancer treatment for vulnerable patients of all ages, who often have limited resources and support networks. The foundation aims to support them throughout their journey by providing medical care, spiritual solace, a sense of community and a welcoming place to reside for the entirety of their treatment.

Fundación Conciencia

Fundación Conciencia works in the invasion zone of Nueva Jerusalén, taking care of the nutritional and educational needs of over 350 children every day. They provide food, clean water, and education (such as English classes, and teaching young women about consent and bodily autonomy).

Medellín Children’s Foundation

Medellín Children's Foundation projects help combat malnutrition, promote education, offer health care and provide safe spaces for the children living in Medellín’s poorest neighborhoods.

  • Medellín
Fundación Caminos

Fundacion Caminos promotes a healthy lifestyle in disadvantaged children and adolescents in vulnerable situations throughout the city of Medellín, with the aim of broadening their future prospects.

Empower the Barrios

Empower the Barrios provide food, education and job opportunities for the people of Medellín. Working with the Bottom Up project, they connect the unemployed to social employers; they have delivered 318,503 meals to date; and 147 students currently enrolled in English classes.

Help Colombia

Everyone in Colombia, regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation, or economic status, deserves the opportunity to feel healthy, educated, and safe. Help Colombia provide emergency food and community kitchens, help with rebuilding efforts, and teach English and practical skills.

Let the Children Live

Let The Children Live! is a Catholic charity of last resort for children from the streets and shanty-towns of Colombia, whose aim is that forgotten children may enjoy life. Founded in 1992, they safeguard the lives of children from the violence and poverty of the streets, giving love, education, and a future.

  • Medellín
Everyday Homeless

Working in the Bronx, one of Medellín's most deprived areas, Everyday Homeless strives to help the disenfranchised of the inquilinatos with food, education and fun. Running a cinema once a month for the homeless population and local children, along with food drops and learning programs every week with different groups, their aim is to shine a light on inequality.

Fundación Comuna Project

founded in 2016 in Comuna 13 focuses on enhancing living conditions for residents and improving outcomes for future generations. They focus on education and psychological support, with their social innovation lab dedicated to creating sustainable solutions that positively impact the lives of individuals and communities in Medellín.

Into The Light International

Into The Light International provide support and hope to those most in need of it, particularly focussing on orphans, widows and those with disabilities, helping them to realise a more fulfilling life.

Sembrando Paz Y Esperanza

Corporación Sembrando Paz y Esperanza provide food, IT education and a sports field for the children in Comuna 13, one of the most impoverished areas of Medellín. For 16 years they have fostered integrity, respect, and hope in the abandoned and stigmatised community, proving that love and perseverance can overcome social barriers.

  • Medellín
Suenos y Huellas

A non-profit foundation that provides support to children, young women, and families who live in conditions of poverty and vulnerability within the tenements of Medellín. Their goal is to provide them with therapy, career assistance, and internships so that they may improve the quality of life of their families for generations to come.

Via Cocina – Food Train

Vía Cocina trains economically disadvantaged people how to manage and run their own catering, food or hospitality companies, ensuring they are investing in their futures and empowering them to lift themselves and future generations out of poverty.

Proyecto Florecer

A social enterprise that encourages communities to foster their own growth by providing programs that teach life and job skills to the most marginalised in society, with an aim to enrich their lives and include them in society.


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