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DNfG enables digital nomads worldwide to give back to their host communities through a platform that easily facilitates donations to charities in the cities they visit. We currently partner with ~15 foundations in Medellín, our pilot city. In return, we share updates back to our members about projects that really make an impact locally. In time, we aim to alter the perspective of digital nomads among local communities, and reproduce this methodology across cities worldwide.
Gentrification can’t realistically be reversed. DNfG aims to offset some of the impact digital nomads have, transforming their image into agents for positive change, making a lasting difference to the lives of the most vulnerable.
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With DNfG, you can easily set up a monthly donation, split across charities of your choice. We’ll keep you up to date regularly with exactly what good your money is doing specifically.

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Explore our latest blog posts to stay informed about ongoing events aimed at supporting charitable causes you may wish to contribute to.

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